1. How do I buy Essential Journeys® Soap By the Slice™?
Please check out our Store Locator to find a place near you that carries Essential Journeys® Bodycare Products, lotions, Soap By the Slice™. If you do not find a convenient location, we invite you to place an online order. You can also call, fax, or mail your order. We will handle every request promptly.
2. Is Essential Journeys® Soap By the Slice™ good for sensitive skin?
We’re proud to offer only pure, handcrafted hypoallergenic soaps in our Essential Journeys® collection to pamper even the most sensitive skin. Our soaps have glycerin, Aloe Vera and vitamin E; ingredients that help to moisturize and nourish.
3. How do I place a wholesale order?
When you click on Business to Business and fill out the form providing your tax ID number, you will receive an email with a login number and be able to place orders online or via phone, fax, email, or mail. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call. We enjoy providing personalized service for all our customers, and promise you will find our soaps to be the best value in the industry.
4. Can I place a custom order?
Of course! Essential Journeys® welcomes custom orders, and delights in creating special soaps for wedding favors, bridal or baby showers, or any gift giving event. We are pleased to create special request custom colors, designs, and fragrances. (Minimum orders apply.)
5. What is Essential Journeys® Soap made out of? Why is it called “Handcrafted soap?” Is Glycerin good for your skin?
Essential Journeys® handcrafted soap is made in Asheville North Carolina in small batches with natural ingredients and personalized attention. We never use harsh detergents or fillers. Soap By the Slice™ is handcrafted with fresh vegetable oils, vegetable glycerin, humectant moisturizers, aloe vera, vitamin E, essential oils, fragrance oils, FD&C Color and natural pigments. Our soaps are made from the finest ingredients with no animal products. Soap by the Slice glycerin soaps are perfect for sensitive skin because the soaps leave your skin moisturized and feeling soft. It also doesn't leave soap scum in your tub.
Glycerin is a humectant, which means it naturally draws water to your skin. Water is the essential factor in keeping your skin soft and healthy. Glycerin helps hold moisture in the outer layer of skin to maintain skin's natural moisture balance.
6. How long will Essential Journeys® Soaps last?
We recommend a year shelf life, after a year the colors and fragrances may tend to fade. To keep your soap from melting, we recommend using a well drained soap dish. With proper care and using the bar on a daily basis, your soap should last 3 - 5 weeks. Soap that sits in a pool of water will deteriorate faster.
7. What shipping methods are available? When will I receive my order?
Essential Journeys® always ships UPS Ground unless otherwise requested. Most orders are shipped within 3-5 business days. Orders received over the weekend will be processed the following Monday. If you need expedited shipping, please contact us. We will strive to deliver your order in the quickest turnaround time possible.
8. Do you have a catalogue?
We would love to share our most current catalogue – please just send us your request and we will mail you a color brochure and order form. Keep in mind we create new flavors and designs every month. Our website and email newsletter, “The Soap Peddler”, reflect the most current products available.
9. How many slices of soap do I get from a loaf?
Our Loaves are rectangular and do not have a curved lip or end piece so there is no wasted product. They are the best value in the industry, measuring 13” x 4” x 3” and weighing over 6 lbs. per loaf. You can slice 13 1-inch bars from our 13-inch loaves.
10. I am a store, how should I care for my loaves of soap?
Soap by the Slice™ should be displayed in a dry area where the soap is not exposed to any extreme temperatures. The loaves of soap should not be placed in direct sunlight, as they may soften, dry out, or fade in color. In humid conditions, the glycerin in the soap tends to collect moisture from the air and will have a moist look and seem to glisten. This is completely normal and should be expected, the shine does not detract from the quality or shelf life of the product. Shiny loaves may be wiped gently with a slightly moist cloth.
11. How do we cut the loaves of soap? How thick should the slices be?
Using our jig and Soap Cutter, Essential Journeys® Soaps can be sliced according to customer needs. Cutting the loaves to your customers’ specifications provides a great opportunity for individualized customer service. Cellophane bags are available in quantities of 100 for attractive and easy in-store packaging. We recommend 1-inch thick slices. Private labeling is also an option.
12. What are the most effective packaging methods for Essential Journeys® Soap By the Slice™?
There are many creative ways to package and merchandise our fragrant Soap by the Slice™. We offer clear cellophane bags and labels that include an ingredient list on which you may write the name of the soap purchased. Many of our retailers offer special packages including a draining soap dish, stacks of soap tied with raffia ribbon, and unique basket options. Others utilize clear plastic wrap that is sealed on the back with a label. We do not recommend wrapping the soap in gift wrap or tissue paper, as the glycerin creates a certain level of moisture and may cause the inks to bleed into the soap.
13. What are the designs in the soap made of?
Our soap designs are made with the same soap base, but with a variety of inspired shapes and colors. These whimsical soap designs make each piece into a work of art, and a happy memory of a place or time. Whether it be the fragrant smell of your grandmothers Rose Garden, the scent of Apple Cider bringing back winter memories of family and friends, or clean exotic scents like Thai Lemongrass Essential Oil, we have the soap for you. Essential Journeys® Soaps will clean and refresh your senses as well as your skin!
14. Why the bicycle?
Essential Journeys® founder Kimberly Masters is an avid cyclist. Kimberly currently leads a few bicycle tours each year for WomanTours and for Alaska Bicycle Tours. She has peddled through her life with passion and wonder – literally! Kimberly bought her first bike while she was working on her degree in management and marketing at UNC Greensboro, and soon participated in her first fundraising bike ride – a benefit for the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. Since then Kimberly has peddled cross country, and led bike tours in Alaska, Canada, and throughout the lower 48 states. She has also trekked around the world, exploring the scents, sights, and rhythms of places like Costa Rica, Thailand and the Himalayas of Nepal. Her adventures inspire her sumptuous soap blends.
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